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SharedBook Tutorials

Explore the SharedBook Platform with Videos, Feature Guides, and Detailed Documentation.

Getting Started Overview

Learn about the capabilities of the SharedBook platform and how to begin using your account.

Content Collection

Learn how to add your existing content to the platform and manage your collection.

Building Packs

Learn to use the Pack Editor to build packs and prepare them for distribution to learners and clients.

Distribution & Control

Learn how to distribute packs via email and activation codes, revise live content, and withdraw access.

Web Reader Overview

SharedBook content can be accessed via mobile apps or a web reader. This video reviews how to access content via the web reader and how syncing occurs across each user's various devices.

Mobile Apps Overview

Learn how to download packs, perform searches across or within packs, personalize settings, navigate within a pack, take notes, add comments, access content offline, and more.


Controlled Mobile Delivery

Distribute your content to digital and mobile devices, control who has access, and push changes anytime. SharedBook creates the perfect balance of anytime, anywhere access and security. Learn more about this feature.


User Analytics

See which users are engaging with your content, on what devices, and what they find most interesting. And, get hard numbers to demonstrate program success and clients' ROI. Learn more about this feature.


Video Content

Increase user engagement and explain complex topics by adding video directly to your workbook. With SharedBook, you can easily integrate video at key points in your training materials. Learn more about this feature.


Full-Text Search

Help readers locate important information instantly by searching within individual books, across books, and even acroos their notes, annotations, and highlights. That's on-demand training. Learn more about this feature.


End User Experience

SharedBook allows you to wrap your current materials in consumer-grade features. Readers can mark up their workbooks with highlights, notes, comments and perform full-text searches. Learn more about these features.


Assessment Engine

Test knowledge and gather feedback using 50 pre-made question types ranging from simple to advanced. And, track responses and progress in aggregate or at the individual user level. Learn more about this feature.


Personal Marketplace

Turnkey commerce allows you to grow your audience and revenue without technical headaches. Just decide which packs to sell, determine your price, and you are open for business. Learn more about this feature.


Dynamic Content

Engage clients beyond the event and create new monetization opportunities with links to dynamic content, ongoing thought leadership, your SharedBook Personal Marketplace, and more. Learn more about this feature.


Documentation for Account Admins

Want to take a deep dive into the SharedBook platform? This detailed documentation will answer nearly any question you may have. View our Admin documentation here.


Documentation for End Users

The SharedBook platform has many powerful features for end users. Whether you are online or offline, you can easily find critical info when and where you need it, and personalize it with your notes, highlights, and more. View our End User documentation here.