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Meet The SharedBook Platform

Deliver Your Content Anywhere, With Peace of Mind

To realize the full value of your content, clients need anytime, anywhere access, and you need insights into how they are using it. With SharedBook, your content is always available, current, secure, and measurable.

Use Your Existing Resources

With SharedBook, there is no need to re-author your materials

SharedBook makes it easy to use your existing content. To start, simply upload Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, videos and other file types to your own private, cloud-based library.

Customize materials with ease

Customize Materials With Ease

Select items from your library to create materials for your clients

Workbooks, participants guides, manuals, and other resources are often customized to meet specific clients needs. With simple drag and drop functionality, you can quickly and efficiently build tailored materials for each unique engagement.

See The Finished Product

Watch as your resources are combined into a professional digital edition

Sharedbook combines the resources you select into a beautiful, interactive collection that users can view on any device with optional printing via a national printer partner.


Distribute to Virtually Any Device

Regardless of what devices your clients use, your content will be ready

With native iOS and Android apps, as well as our cloud-based web-reader, your content can be easily and securely accessed by users anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any device.

Control Your Content

Your materials are always current, and always protected

Your content always remains in your control. You can send updates, notifications or revisions to users anytime, preventing problems like version control.  You can even withdraw access.  All controls can occur at an individual or larger group level.

Control your content
Engage your readers

Engage Your Readers

Consumer grade is the new industrial grade. Is your content ready?

Make your materials more dynamic with videos, assessments, polls and annotation features and watch readers' engagement increase.  Users can search within and across packs, and interact with your content through notes, comments, and highlighting. Annotations even sync across all of their devices.

Gain Analytics-Based Insights

Know exactly how readers are engaging with your content

Every time a reader interacts with your materials, you gain fresh insights. See what readers are highlighting and searching, how much time they are spending with your content, how well they perform on assessments, and what devices they use the most.

Analytics-based insights
Ordering printed copies

Print Anywhere, Deliver Free

Offering a combined print and digital solution for clients has never been easier

If you choose to print your materials, SharedBook has a built-in national print solution.  Select your print options to create a workbook or binder.  Then choose your delivery options, including free delivery almost anywhere in the US.

Ready to Get Started?

Explore plans that fit your needs today, and scale with you as you grow.