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Estimating SharedBook ROI

How Do I Determine SharedBook ROI and Payback?

We understand that ROI analysis differs for every training and consulting company. Every business model has a specific set of opportunities, costs, and revenue streams. So, rather that propose a one-size-fits-all model for determining payback and ROI on the SharedBook platform, we would like to share some variables which have been important to our clients for your consideration. We believe that after considering these factors, you will see not only near-term payback from adopting the SharedBook platform but long-term revenue enhancement.

Printing and Shipping Costs

If you provide printed workbooks, training manuals, or similar materials to trainees, you are probably keenly aware of the costs of producing and shipping those materials. A typical training workbook generates substantial costs to print and even more to ship. Additionally, the cost of reprinting materials with errors or omissions can quickly add up.

If you train international clients, things become more complicated. Our clients have reported that locating reliable printers or getting materials through customs can be challenges which threaten the success of training engagements.

Exclusion from Clients with Green Requirements

Our customers have reported that some clients are now requiring that training materials be delivered in ways that minimize ecological impact. For these clients, printed materials are a non-starter and training vendors they partner with must provide digital access to materials.

New Virtual Business Model Opportunities

While instructor-led training continues to be a core offering of most training and consulting firms, many of our customers have achieved new revenue streams with virtual training. In addition to increasing the number of potential clients who can access their services, virtual training reduces costs related to travel and physical materials.

Time Spent Re-Authoring Training Materials

When one of our customers recognized a competitive advantage in selling their training content in digital formats, they soon became concerned about how some systems required them to recreate their materials in different formats. They were delighted to learn that SharedBook allowed them to import and distribute their existing formats, increasing their speed to market.

The “Build Your Own” Penalty

When training firms decide to offer digital formats to clients, some decide to build a solution from the ground up. As our customers have reported, this can be a costly endeavor and often leads to adopting a vendor solution after spending months of time and significant costs on a self-built solution. When you partner with SharedBook, you can focus on your core training competencies knowing you can rely on our two decades of secure digital content distribution expertise.

Competitive Advantage and Meeting Client Expectations

With Millennials now a large part of the workforce, training firms run the risk of looking behind the times when they distribute large printed training binders. This approach to learning simply does not fit a generation that takes for granted the ability to access content anytime, anywhere and pinpoint relevant information via search.

While SharedBook customers have the flexibility of providing printed materials when necessary via an integrated national printer workflow, their materials are securely available 24/7 to trainees via virtually any digital or mobile device. Read our “Five Moments of Learning Need” infographic and OnCourse Learning Client Case Study to learn more about how digital and mobile access to training materials can help differentiate your offering from competitors and win more engagements.

E Commerce Sales

While marketplaces like Amazon provide great reach for your books, there are several areas in which publishing through your SharedBook Marketplace can provide other important advantages.

First, consider what happens after someone purchases your book. In SharedBook Marketplace, you capture contact information for that person which allows you to follow up with additional offers, including valuable consulting engagements. That’s not the case in other marketplaces that do not provide such information about your buyers.

Second, consider what you could learn through analytics about how readers are engaging with your content? SharedBook Professional provides detailed insights into what aspects of your content readers are most engaged with. This provides helpful ideas for subsequent content creation as well as follow-up offers for each individual.

Assessment and Customer Retention

As your clients work harder each year to accomplish more with diminishing budgets and staff, it’s more important than ever that your training “stick” and provide measurable outcomes.

Assessment provides a powerful way to demonstrate variable outcomes to your clients and make the case for ROI and future engagements. SharedBook Professional’s assessment engine allows you to easily create powerful test question or polls using over 50 premade question types ranging from common multiple choice and text options to advanced options including interactive charts, graphs, audio-based responses, and more.