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Plan Comparison

Published Packs
User Access Duration
Free Distributions
Additional Distributions
3 Months
$2 per
12 Months
$1 per
$1 per

Admin Portal

Easily upload and store content in the cloud, create packs, distribute materials, and control access.
Admin Dashboard
Advanced Security Environment
Content Retract and Update
Manage Users & Groups
Private-Labeled  Interface

User Experience

Give your readers access via any device, online or offline, digital or print.
Free Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
Online Web Reader
Cross-Device Syncing
User Collaboration Tools
Annotation Tools
Offline Access
User E-Commerce
Private-Labeled Apps
Private-Labeled Web Reader

Analytics & Reporting

Gain actionable insights into how users and egaging with and drawing value from your content.
Reports Dashboard
Pre-Made Reports
Customizable Reports
Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Engine

Printing Capabilities

Get printed copies with free local delivery and enable print on demand for readers.
Black & White
Integrated National Printer
Free Local Pickup
Free Local Delivery
User E-Commerce
6 cents per page
4 cents per page
3 cents per page

Customer Support

Rely on a team that has supported millions of users.
E-mail Support
Chat Support
Phone Support
Form Support
Dedicated Account Team

Add-On Options

Extend your plan with the Assessment, Marketplace, and Professional Services Add-Ons.
Online Training
On-Site Training
Bulk Content Upload
Assessment & Polling Engine

Ready to Get Started?

Choose a free or paid plan that fits your needs.

Add-On Options

Add these to our Professional or Enterprise plans for even more functionality.

Assessment & Polling

Test comprehension and capture feedback.
Risk free. Pay only for actual users.
Over 50 ready-made question types make assessment & polling a snap.

Professional Services

Get started. Scale up. Grow Faster.
Let us help you grow faster.
Our onboarding & training packages are great for fast starts and large projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pack?

A pack is a collection of content you publish and distribute to users. Depending on your use case, packs may be workbooks, manuals, guides, tool boxes, client deliverables, or other resources. Pack content can include Word docs, PDFs, videos, PowerPoint decks, and more.

What is a distribution?

A distribution is the provision of one of your packs to one user.  Any additional or future updates you wish to provide to the same user do not count as additional distributions. Every plan comes with free distributions and, once those are used, additional distributions cost $1 each.

How do I add content to my cloud library?

One advantage of using the SharedBook platform is that you can easily import your existing content without having to reauthor it. Microsoft Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, image and more can be uploaded and added to your library. Links to externally-hosted videos can also be included and, very soon, you will be able to upload and embedd them.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely. Our goal is to provide a secure digital/mobile publishing platform that scales with your needs. When you decide to publish more packs or wish to add more features, your account can be easily upgraded to whichever plan best fits your needs.

How does the system make my content more secure?

All content distributed through the SharedBook platform remains within our secure user environment.  Instead of downloading files that can be e-mailed or saved and shared, users are provided an online/offline app environment from which they can consume your content on any mobile device, desktop, or laptop.

How does this compare to delivering content via e-mail or an LMS/CMS?

Your valuable intellectual property needs to be protected and secure.  Files distributed through e-mail or other insecure methods (LMS/CMS) can be easily saved, shared, or stolen.  And traditional paper formats can be lost, discarded or copied.  SharedBook allows you to deliver to digital devices securely and gives you control at all times.

How does SharedBook give me more control over my content?

SharedBook provides multiple features that provide increased control. For example, you can distribute your materials to virtually any digital device and via print. The Withdraw feature allows you to remove content from end users devices at any time. And the Revise feature allows you to update your content and push those updates to users without them having to seek out the changes.

Can I customize my content?

Yes!  SharedBook uses your existing files and doesn’t require you to re-author them.  Simply upload any files you would like to distribute.  Then use the SharedBook platform to pick and choose items for your custom “Pack” and create the perfect personalized digital material for every client in minutes.