Share and Publish
Vacation Memories

Dory Devlin, Yahoo Tech Advisor
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July 18 , 2006 - We advisors have been finding a lot of ways to share your vacation photos and images from other major family events. Here's a new one: A web site where family members can upload photos from events, write about them, and create digital scrapbook pages that can be turned into an actual book. (Remember books?)

It's called SharedBook. It launched last year as a site for creating online memory books for all kinds of events—births, Little League seasons, soccer championships, and other kid activities. Tomorrow, SharedBook introduces travel book templates for families to share and contribute trip photos and memories.

SharedBook's creators call it part social network, part blog, part photo scrapbook. The site's twist is the chance to publish family members' contributions in a book, or more than one book. Choosing from the same photos and anecdotes, different family members can publish different books. The cost: Soft-cover books start at $27 for 20 pages and hard-cover books start at $49.

It's another way to get the family together online to share memories. Check it out and let me know what you think.