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SharedDoc Makes Reports, Memos, Other Documents Smarter;
Uses Social Media Characteristics to Incorporate Collective Thinking and Contributions

NEW YORK – December 2, 2009 – SharedBook, Inc., a provider of content transformation technologies for consumers, online publishers and enterprises, today launched SharedDoc, an online document ideation platform that brings the interactivity of social media to any document, leveraging collective contributions to make documents smarter, while offering security safeguards required for corporate use.

The new service allows businesses and individuals to upload a document into private micro-communities whose invited members can comment on the document securely and collaboratively, saving time and encouraging joint efforts around a concept or idea which can enhance the final product. For the first time, any document can be the catalyst for discussion at the center of a community and documents can become more aligned with the contemporary work styles created by blogs, online forums and other social media.

To ensure security for corporate documents, the author of the original document maintains complete control of the document and the micro-community, granting permissions to select individuals or groups of individuals to comment on the document and creating a private network for online collaboration. SharedDoc also creates a permanent record of the comments by allowing members to save or print the document, with the comments incorporated as footnotes.

"Social media has demonstrated to business owners and managers and even individual contributors that there is power in the collective brain trust of an organization, but harnessing it on individual documents has proved either difficult, expensive or both," said Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of SharedBook. "Most services and tools are either cumbersome or lack the workflow or security needed to include a comprehensive community."

"SharedDoc takes offline documents and immediately transforms them in a dynamic online dialogue, encouraging collaboration around a concept or idea, and ultimately resulting in a smarter final product," she continued.

Other online collaboration tools often involve complex enterprise implementations and are buried inside the feature-set of a much larger application. Some newer approaches on collaboration revolve around proprietary environments that are highly iterative, instead of building a community around finished documents. SharedDoc allows for the collaboration around a concept or idea to ultimately create a smarter piece of work.

SharedDoc, currently in beta, represents the evolution of SharedBook's six-year old technology platform from enterprise applications in industries like publishing and government where the technology has been used with very large documents, involving large communities.

"SharedBook has been developing annotation tools for many years and SharedDoc is really an extension of our platform's ability, allowing us to offer to much smaller communities creating much smaller documents the power of a technology typically reserved for larger implementations," said Ms. Vanderlip. "Essentially, we are migrating from an enterprise-class product with associated implementation processes, to a self-service model that offers businesses and individuals access to the technology in a simple, easy-to-deploy system."

About SharedBook
Sharedbook is a provider of content transformation technologies for consumers, online publishers and enterprises that facilitate the evolving relationship between readers and written works. The SharedBook platform enables the dynamic transformation of digital content into customized and personalized formats, such as flipbooks on the Web, downloadable PDFs, or professionally printed books, as well as transforming conventional documents - from books to legislation to memos or reports - and enhancing them through social media components. Headquartered in New York, Sharedbook is privately-held and can be found at

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