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Product Enhancements from Leading BlogBook Creation Service Are in Direct Response to Feedback from Facebook Community

NEW YORK, September 21, 2010 - SharedBook Inc., a provider of content transformation technologies for consumers, online publishers and enterprises, is finding that its Blog2Print service ( is fast becoming one of its most successful applications and the leading choice for bloggers who want to create books from their blogs.

Using feedback provided by its growing social media fan base, SharedBook is continually improving its Blog2Print service to meet the needs of its users. Blog2Print's Facebook fans have offered suggestions that have spurred several significant enhancements to the service.

"The best focus group we can use is found through our social media pages, where we can talk to customers directly," said SharedBook CEO Caroline Vanderlip. "We take pride in making products and applications that allow our audience to create hardcover and softcover books-along with downloadable, interactive PDFs-from their blogs as well as from their Facebook and Twitter posts."

The top seven most requested additions to the Blog2Print service were:

#7 Add the Ability to Purchase a Less Expensive Book.
Professional bloggers, who use mostly text on their blogs, with few photos and very little color, now have a black-and-white option. The average 150-page softcover black-and-white blogbook from Blog2Print now costs $17.45, compared to $60.45 for the same book in color.

#6 Allow Updating of the Table of Contents Feature.
Blog2Print users were once locked in to accepting a Table of Contents whether they wanted one or not. The feature is a handy navigational tool, but some users had only four or five pages of items to publish and didn't want to pay for a Table of Contents. Now, the feature is optional and can be customized, deleted or changed to reflect any title a user chooses. In addition, the new "My Pages" template offers bloggers the ability to add titles to the Table of Contents, insuring that a reader can quickly access desired content.

#5 Create Interactivity in the Downloadable PDF.
With many Blog2Print books running to hundreds of pages, some users choose to order a downloadable PDF with their book. Users choose the PDF feature when they want to retain their blog on their hard drive, and now those PDFs are interactive, allowing linkable navigation from the Table of Contents and linkable URLs that can connect to all types of media on the web.

#4 Provide Label Support.
Bloggers on the Google platform now have an option to choose label filtering, so their books can build on a topic or topics. Almost all bloggers file and tag their content already, using labels to organize their online posts. Now, Blog2Print lets users select posts for their books in the same way, with just the click of a button.

#3 Allow Access to Blog2Print Using Google Chrome.
Google Chrome is a browser that allows web applications to look and feel like a desktop-and a growing number of bloggers are turning to faster web systems to allow more efficient use of their online time. Ten percent of Blog2Print's visitors use Chrome, so this is a welcome improvement for them.

#2 Support Self-Hosted WordPress.
Due to popular demand, the Blog2Print platform now supports self-hosted WordPress, the largest blogging platform. Blog2Print worked with its R&D team in Herzlia, Israel, to develop code that would be compatible with the Blog2Print software. The entire WordPress community can now create personalized and customized books with Blog2Print.

And the #1 most requested enhancement was...having the choice of a black cover. Black wasn't one of the cover color choices available when Blog2Print launched, nor was it among the choices offered to Blog2Print's Facebook fans when they chose the first round of new covers. But the fans made their voices heard through Facebook, and black has already become the best-selling cover among Blog2Print users.

Vanderlip adds, "Providing our users with a variety of options to display their text and photos is our main priority. We believe Blog2Print has opened a door to publishing that simply could not have existed before."

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SharedBook is a provider of content transformation technologies for consumers, online publishers and enterprises that facilitate the evolving relationship between readers and written works. The SharedBook platform enables the dynamic transformation of digital content into customized and personalized formats, such as flipbooks on the Web, downloadable PDFs, or professionally printed books, and the SharedDoc platform enables Web-based collaborative discussions on documents and presentations - from contracts to proposals to bills. Headquartered in New York, SharedBook is privately-held and can be found at

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