SharedBook Inc. specializes in integrating and publishing data from various sources into a structured book product. The data can be retrieved from a feed or pushed via SharedBook's open API, which is available in beta form.

Recognizing that one company is not capable of building individual doorways to each and every Web site that contains personal data, SharedBook offers a suite of APIs for the public.

With the open API framework, SharedBook gives all Web sites an opportunity to monetize existing content by allowing their users to mashup branded and user-generated content from their sites and combine it with personal and community photos and stories to produce a complete, one of a kind book.


Developers create new ways to introduce content into SharedBook's browser-based, private and secure book creation software through the open API methods.

Web developers can take comments and photos from blog posts, message boards, photo galleries or other sources and send them into a SharedBook book making space. Users can include this information in their books and purchase the product as is, or edit the content and personalize the book further if they choose.


SharedBook's custom data integration solutions with sites like and demonstrate the value of data integration as a tool to monetize what has become known as a defining characteristic of Web 2.0 – User Generated Content.

Recognizing that Web content can be lasting, SharedBook works with third parties to deliver solutions that will help Web users preserve the online content that is the most meaningful and relevant to them in a more tangible format.


The SharedBook suite of APIs is publicly available to encourage Web sites to develop innovative ways for users to incorporate their content into lasting, unique and personalized products that can be published offline or on.

With the SharedBook open API framework, the data on any site can escape the confines of the Web and live in the real world as a physical product.