SharedBook Inc. is a technology company that has created a collaborative on-demand Reverse Publishing Platform that allows users to extract data and content from multiple sources, manipulate it, and then distribute their unique creation in digital or hard copy format. By freeing data on the Web to be repurposed offline, SharedBook is giving all sites, and Web 2.0 companies in particular, the capability to monetize their content through the publication of books offline and on.


When the Internet first became accessible to the general population in the 1990s, most content was re-purposed from existing material in the offline world – magazines, newsletters and books, among other tangible items.

With the dawn of the participatory Web 2.0. era, billions of pieces of content – text, data and photos as well as audio and video – are now published to the Web first. Yet, there is little way to extract this information into a published product. This is the business of SharedBook.


SharedBook specializes in integrating data from various sources into a structured book product. The content can be retrieved from a feed or pushed via SharedBook's open API.

One of the unique aspects of this data integration involves mapping the data into a rich data model that allows flexibility for clients, partners and users to collaboratively manipulate this information in a client-supplied environment.

Unlike other book products on the market that start the user with a blank page, SharedBook flows personal and relevant content into a structured book product that can be produced as is, or personalized more.

In addition, SharedBook customers can use a standard Web browser to view content in a sophisticated way, without the need for specialized downloads, plug-ins or add-ons.


SharedBook's unique collaboration technology enables users to create personalized, custom books by combining personal and community data interwoven with the client's supplied content and other third party content, as appropriate.