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More than 50,000 BlogBooks expected to be sold this year by
New enhancements to service are response to active user feedback

NEW YORK – March 10, 2010 – Even as the e-book starts to capture the attention of the reading public, a little known phenomenon is pushing copies of printed books skyward: transforming blogs into physical books. This year alone, SharedBook estimates that its Blog2Print service ( will publish more than 50,000 copies of individual blogs. "What SharedBook has done with Blog2Print is open a door to publishing that simply could not have existed before. The number of books bloggers have created - and likely will create in the future - is astonishing, and reflects the emerging power of creativity in our culture. 50,000 books in a year is equal to almost 15% of the total number of book titles published in the US in 2009!" said veteran publisher and consultant David Wilk, founder of Booktrix and a number of book-related websites.

In light of growing demand, and responding to user feedback, SharedBook also announced today several significant enhancements to Blog2Print.

Keeping Blog2Print simple, yet powerful, the platform now offers two primary page configuration templates - Compact and Snapshot. Compact, the original configuration, flows the user's posts, captions and photos into a page layout that maximizes the usable space, and minimizes the number pages required for the book. Bloggers now have an option to choose Snapshot to keep the positioning of captions photos and text as it appeared in their posts online, utilizing greater white space, and margins. "As our bloggers have become more and more creative in their use of space online, we want to allow them the same level of control in creating their book without burdening them with the need to make too many decisions," said SharedBook CEO Caroline Vanderlip. "BlogBooks are the new form of journal writing and we are providing users with an alternative option for displaying their text and photos, as they have requested."

Another feature requested by Blog2Print users is now available - individual blog posts can be removed in the editing process prior to printing. "Some posts just aren't necessary for preservation, and the user should be able to make these decisions," said Vanderlip. Additionally, up to 1500 photos can now be added to one book, increasing the number by 50%.

SharedBook also announced today that Blog2Print can now be accessed by Mac fans. "The concentration of visitors using the Safari browser is 60% higher on Blog2Print than in general Internet traffic, and we're happy to provide a home for our blogging Mac friends."

In addition, SharedBook has amended its User Agreement to make clear that bloggers continue to own all of their content and can resell their books if they own the copyright to all of their blog content.

About SharedBook
SharedBook is a provider of content transformation technologies for consumers, online publishers and enterprises that facilitate the evolving relationship between readers and written works. The SharedBook platform enables the dynamic transformation of digital content into customized and personalized formats, such as flipbooks on the Web, downloadable PDFs, or professionally printed books, as well as transforming conventional documents - from books to legislation to memos or reports - and enhancing them through social media components. Headquartered in New York, SharedBook is privately-held and can be found at

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