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Survey of Fortune 1000 CMOs Reveals Interesting Insights into the Minds of the Corporate Blogger

Survey Conducted by Leading BlogBook Creation Service Finds Fortune 1000 Companies a Bit Shy about Blogging

NEW YORK, December 14, 2010 - As progressive as many consumers feel corporate America may be, Fortune 1000 Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) are not completely embracing all of today's communication trends. According to a survey released by Blog2Print (, the leading site for transforming one's blog into an ebook or physical book, of those who participated in the survey, only 23.2% (124 had blogs and 410 did not) of Fortune 1000 Companies utilize corporate blogs.

The findings of the 534 CMOs who participated in the survey, which was conducted by Blog2Print, highlight Fortune 1000 CMOs' desire to launch a blog (18% want to become an authority within their industry), trepidations (18% are concerned about legal and regulatory issues), its primary audience (39% are customers), voice (41% are the CEO), reach and best attributes (46% agree an engaged community is paramount), among other qualities.

Survey results found that 70% of Fortune 1000 companies who have launched their corporate blog believe that it is a cost associated with doing business (50%) or a way to gain customers (20%) in today's online influenced world. For those companies that don't host an online corporate blog, 36% of the surveyed CMOs mentioned that maintaining a blog is too much work or that they don't see a return on investment for the level of effort required by the individuals developing content.

Blog2Print's survey also explored Fortune 1000 CMOs' reliance on traditional brick and mortar options when it comes to marketing or increasing the following of a corporate blog. Surprisingly, nearly 50% of the companies surveyed expressed that they use point of purchase tactics in the real world to increase visibility in the virtual world, still showing a reliance on conventional strategies.

Furthermore, the study found that physical hardcopies exist for 59% of the Fortune 1000 blogs.

"Blogging and the web have drastically changed the face of communications in America and surprisingly, many of the largest companies have yet to embrace this form of media," said Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of Blog2Print and parent company SharedBook. "Used effectively, the blog can speak to multiple constituencies, both online and in book form, although it seems not to be a major priority at some of today's largest companies."

The Fortune 1000 CMOs were also asked to provide their opinion regarding which corporation has the best company blog. While none garnered a majority, the top ten CMO responses were:

Netflix (14%)
JetBlue (13%)
Nike (11%)
Nordstrom (10%)
Clorox (9%)
Walt Disney (6%)
Levis (5%)
Priceline (5%)
Safeway (5%)
Coca-Cola (4%)

Vanderlip adds, "We congratulate those Fortune 1000 companies that are embracing the ever-changing ways to communicate with consumers. Blogging is one of the best ways to interact and foster a company culture and to communicate with employees, investors and partners. We congratulate those that have been singled out by their peers."

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