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Educators can now create high quality custom course materials more easily, quickly, and affordably, in both digital and print formats, from multiple sources of content.

NEW YORK, JANUARY 24, 2011 - SharedBook Inc., a provider of content transformation technologies for educators, consumers, online publishers and enterprises, has introduced AcademicPub ( to seven colleges and universities that have elected to become Pilot customers: Boise State University, Bowdoin College, Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, Santa Monica College, Simon Fraser University, University of Texas-Austin, and Villanova University. These institutions represent annual enrollment of approximately 145,000 students.

AcademicPub allows educators to build custom course packs in real time, add content from a wide variety of resources, and obtain copyright clearances in a matter of seconds. Educators choose from an almost unlimited number of sources, as the platform can present web page content in a course pack with only a few clicks.

AcademicPub's resident content library presents educators with additional sources of learning materials in a wide variety of disciplines and will continue to grow. Available today are research articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, business cases from Darden Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing, workplace-related content from Berrett-Koehler, math content from Content on Demand, and science content from CABI.

"Custom course materials and the web are transformative forces in higher education and colleges are rapidly embracing new technologies to support learning," said Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of SharedBook. "Our customers want complete flexibility when selecting content and format delivery options as well as managing costs for their students while always complying with copyright requirements."

Vanderlip adds, "We know textbook costs are a big issue for students, and AcademicPub keeps costs low, There's no markup on items from our content library and no manual copyright research so these costs aren't passed through to students. Our live running total lets educators evaluate the cost/value of what's in the course pack in order to make the most cost effective learning decisions."

SharedBook will open the AcademicPub platform for an introductory users panel to 200 participants in early March. Requests for an invitation can be accessed at

"We're excited to be part of the AcademicPub pilot program," said Albert DeSalles, Media Manager at Santa Monica College. "Several of our faculty members will use the platform to create course materials that will hopefully be more current and less expensive for our students. The ease of use, flexibility, real time delivery, and immediate copyright clearance is what attracted us to AcademicPub. This new digital content assembly/ distribution model seemingly represents a huge step in the right direction for instructors and students in higher education."

About SharedBook and AcademicPub:
SharedBook's technology platform assembles, composes, prices and delivers custom books for educators, consumers, online publishers and enterprises. AcademicPub, built specifically for educators, allows for immediate creation of custom course materials and features real-time copyright clearance, and the ability to include materials from anywhere - articles from the web, lectures of your own, or content from our library. Digital or print distribution allows lower prices for students, up-to-the-minute materials, and a fast, easy way for educators to provide an engaging educational experience. Headquartered in New York since 2004, SharedBook is privately held and can be found at

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