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The documentation for all our API Methods is within. Here's a quick look at what you'll find, and some common uses for them. We leave it to you to find the uncommon uses...

This is the anchor of all our books – each book has got one, but it's up to you what your "article" data feed contains. It can be something you define, or something your user defines, or a combination of both. Think of it as the main topic of your book.

These will flow in after the article. We call them comments, but they can be anything, really – blog entries, recipes, game descriptions. As long as each of them is no more than 4000 characters, you can do whatever you want.

You don't have to have 'em – but you really should. You may already have user-generated photos that you'd like to import, or perhaps you'll want to give your users a choice of images you select. In any event, they'll be able to add more and edit placement when they create the book.

Cover & Title
You'll be able to import a cover photo, a book title, and even a subtitle. You choose it, or let your users fill in a form field to pass the text into the book. BTW – the cover "photo" can be any image, so maybe it's your brand? All up to you!

Dedication No book is complete without one! But not everyone knows exactly what to say, so offer a few options or let users create their own.

There's documentation inside, waiting for you to jump right in...

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