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Redirects to SharedBook's Preview PDF page.

Note: Books created through this method that are not personalized or purchased are deleted nightly. Thus, be sure to use the returned URL immediately, before it expires!

HTTP Method




User Authentication

Signature required

Request Parameters (Required)

  • apiKey: The API developer's API key
  • bmsId: unique ID string generated when BMS is created (bmscreate/init)
  • bookId: unique ID string generated when book is created (bookcreate/init)
  • redirect: possible values are "true" or "false." If set to true, it will return an HTTP redirect header. If false, it will return the XML displayed below.
  • sessionToken: received from the auth/getSessionToken method on login
  • signature: a signature of the other parameters. Signatures are created using your secret word and the other arguments listed in alphabetical order, (name then value).

Response Format

<book.preview status="ok">
   <url>[URL for redirecting]</url>

Error Codes

General Error Codes


(See the Method Syntax page for details.)

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