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Adds a photo to a Book Making Space. Can be called multiple times per BMS and uploaded photos flow to cover, back cover and My Pages Gallery in that order. Adding front and back cover photos can be done separately using the bms/addFrontCoverPhoto and bms/addBackCoverPhoto method calls.

Related methods: bms/addFrontCoverPhoto, bms/addBackCoverPhoto, bms/addComment

HTTP Method




User Authentication

Signature required

Request Parameters (Required)

  • apiKey: The API developer's API key
  • bmsId: unique ID string generated when BMS is created (bmscreate/init)
  • sessionToken: received from the auth/getSessionToken method on login
  • photo: the content of the image. We use a FilePart to build the multipart for the POST action.
  • signature: a signature of the other parameters. Signatures are created using your secret word and the other arguments listed in alphabetical order, (name then value).
  • ownerName: username of the person who added the photo

Request Parameters (Alternate Required)

  • url: a valid url for retrieving the photo can be used instead of the "photo" parameter. This alternative may improve performance.

Request Parameters (Optional)

  • caption: photo caption text
  • time: timestamp displayed with the photo
  • photoId: unique ID for the photo
  • photoOrdinal: sets the order in which each photo will appear in the "My Pages" section. This is a primary sort, with a secondary sort by upload sequence. Thus 2 photos can share the same ordinal. If ordinals are omitted entirely - photos will appear by order of insertion.

Response Format

<bms.addPhoto status="ok">
   <photo id=[PHOTO_ID] />

Error Codes

General Error Codes


(See the Method Syntax page for details.)

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