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Adds a photo to a Book Making Space and sets it as the Front Cover Photo.

Related methods: setBackCoverPhoto, addPhoto

HTTP Method




User Authentication

Signature required

Request Parameters (Required)

  • apiKey: The API developer's API key
  • sessionToken: unique session ID
  • bmsId: unique ID string generated when BMS is created (bmscreate/init)
  • sessionToken: received from the auth/getSessionToken method on login
  • photo: file data of the photo file to be added
  • signature: a signature of the other parameters. Signatures are created using your secret word and the other arguments listed in alphabetical order, (name then value).
  • ownerName: username of the person who added the photo
  • caption: photo caption text
  • time: timestamp displayed with the photo
  • photoId: unique ID for the photo

Response Format

<bms.setFrontCoverPhoto status="ok">
   <photo id=[PHOTO_ID] />

Error Codes

General Error Codes


(See the Method Syntax page for details.)

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