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Adds one comment to a Book Making Space. Comments are text snippets smaller than an article, and each comment is associated with an article. The end user chooses whether or not to include each comment in her book, but she cannot edit the comments. Comments have a 4,000-character limit and preserve line breaks within their text.

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HTTP Method




User Authentication

Signature required

Request Parameters (Required)

  • apiKey: The API developer's API key
  • sessionToken: unique session ID received from the auth/getSessionToken method on login
  • bmsId: unique ID string generated when BMS is created (bmscreate/init)
  • ownerName: display name of the person who created the comment
  • commentTitle: title of the comment
  • commentText: text of the comment
  • signature: a signature of the other parameters. Signatures are created using your secret word and the other arguments listed in alphabetical order, (name then value).

Request Parameters (Optional)

  • time: date of the comment creation (time in hours and minutes is not used in this phase); if omitted, will be automatically filled with the server time of the upload. Format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • commentId: unique ID; if omitted, will be generated automatically and returned in response

Multiple Articles (Optional)

If your Book Making Space includes multiple articles, use the following parameters to specify which chapter (article) a comment belongs to:

  • chapterNumber=[n]

Response Format

<bms.addComment status="ok">
   <comment id=[COMMENT_ID] />

Error Codes

General Error Codes


(See the Method Syntax page for details.)

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