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How SharedBook Can Integrate with YOUR Website

You have a site that is rich with content and you would like to make it available in book form. Perhaps it is content that you spent considerable time creating and your site visitors want to have a more portable or tangible copy? Or maybe your visitors have collaborated using your site and wish for a more permanent record of their work?

SharedBook's technology platform was built just for you! Our on-demand, reverse publishing platform allows data and content to be extracted from multiple sources, manipulated, formatted, augmented and finally output in book form (either professionally printed or in electronic format).

How is Content Integrated?

SharedBook specializes in integrating and publishing data from a variety of sources. For the most part, data comes to us as text, images or print-ready PDF's. They are transferred into our system via common internet protocols and our platform reformats the assets into the necessary formats.

We commonly process contents that come to us as raw text and images, or even heavily formatted content as HTML or XML files. Your needs are as unique as your site, so we have different integration capabilities to suit you.

Does SharedBook Have an API?

Yes we do! Our robust API allows a broad range of sites to program their own integration. With the SharedBook API, anyone can write a program that will transfer data to our platform and utilize our full functionality to create revenue-producing books.

And we know the power of the SharedBook API quite well - because WE use it ourselves on many of our own projects.

SharedBook has a very large library of information detailing the API. If you are interested, please contact us.

Can SharedBook Process My Data in XML?

As a matter of fact, this is precisely what we do for several of our large client websites. Through an integration process we call "framework" we work with your content owners and review your data and schemas to map your content into an appropriate book structure.

We code, using the SharedBook API, and transform a simple XML file into a finished book for you to offer your site users.

If you are interested in our Framework Integration, please contact us.

What is Smart Button™ Technology?

In December 2008, SharedBook introduced its latest integration capabilities with Smart Button™. Website owners can now add a single line of JavaScript into selected pages of their website, and Smart Button gathers the content from this page and transfers it to the SharedBook platform.

Using a process known as web-scraping, Smart Button lifts the HTML from the page, transforms it into the appropriate format and transfers it into book format. In addition, for multi-page sites SharedBook has two different kinds of Smart Button.

When a site is a definable and limited set of pages, Smart Button uses the site navigation to scrape all associated pages and combine them into a single book.

When a site is hundreds or thousands of pages and users needs to choose the ones they want - there is a Smart Button clipboard that allows the users to aggregate their favorite pages.

If you are interested in our Smart Button technology solution, please contact us.

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