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Developer Process Flow

Step 1: Getting Ready

The first step for an API developer is to organize the data on the site that will comprise the book. Before this data leaves the site, it should be formatted to flow smoothly into the SharedBook Book Making Space through a simple set of API methods. Developers can set up a "bridge page" on their site, where end users select the available content they want to feed into their SharedBook project.

An example bridge page styled like the client's website

Step 2: Data Types

Data types defined for use within SharedBook's structured book products include articles, comments and photos. (Each type is available to API developers through its own API method.) For example, each book contains one article, a block of text that will allow users to respond by attaching as many comments and photos as they like. The source of an article can be widely variable, depending on a site's design and content, and users can choose from multiple options on the bridge page.

An example article page within the SharedBook application

Step 3: Possible Inputs

Developers can use SharedBook's API calls to send comments and photos into the Book Making Space, which may be taken from blog posts or comments, photo galleries, or other sources. Users will have the option of including these when they make and order their books.

Press "Add to Book" to include any comment in the printed book

Step 4: API Methods

The next step is to use SharedBook's APIs to transmit the formatted data to our servers. Since SharedBook's APIs are mostly REST-like, there is great flexibility in the choice of languages for interacting with our systems. While doing this, a developer may also want to develop fields on the bridge page where users can enter additional information that will help to define their books. This includes the name of the Book Making Space, a book title and subtitle which will appear on the front cover, and a customized dedication.

A bridge page allows data customization before it is transmitted to the SharedBook environment

Step 5: The SharedBook Environment

Finally, the data is transmitted to SharedBook's servers. Users can enter the SharedBook system as "silent users," which allows them to purchase a book without signing in. On the other hand, users can sign in to personalize their books by editing the content (and adding more to it), as well as share their book with family and friends, before they purchase a printed copy of it.

The Preview Page allows immediate purchase as a silent user, or users can sign in to further personalize their books