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This page serves as an index to all the parameters used by all of the SharedBook API Methods. (For broader terminology usage, details can be found on our Terminology page.)

API Key - (apiKey)

The API developer's API key is generated by SharedBook and displayed to the developer during registration or the creation of a new project.

BMS ID - (bmsId)

The bmsId is a unique ID string generated when a Book Making Space is created (using the method "bmscreate/init").

Session Token - (sessionToken)

A sessionToken is a security token generated by SharedBook from the auth/getSessionToken method on login to a new session.

Photo - (photo)

This field accepts the filepath to the photo to be added.

Signature - (signature)

The signature is calculated based on the values of the other parameters. Signatures are created using your secret word and the other arguments listed in alphabetical order, (name then value).

Photo Caption - (caption)

The Photo Caption field should be filled with the intended caption text.

Time - (time)

The Time field allows you to specify a date and time for the photo uploaded. If omitted, it will be automatically filled with the server time of the upload.

Photo ID - (photoId)

The Photo ID is a unique ID for an uploaded photo; normally it can be omitted, and will be generated automatically and returned in response.

Owner Name - (ownerName)

The ownerName must be the SharedBook username of the person who added the photo.

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