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General Errors
1API_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTEDVersion ''{0}'' of the API is not supported. Please consult the documentation.
3WRONG_HTTP_METHODWrong HTTP method was used. Please use {0} for this method.
5NO_API_KEYNo API key was specified.
7INVALID_API_KEYCannot find an account with the specified API key.
10NO_METHODNo method was specified.
13INVALID_AUTH_TOKEN_KEYInvalid authToken was used.
15AUTH_TOKEN_EXPIRED_KEYThe authToken has expired.
16NO_SESSION_TOKEN_KEYNo sessionToken parameter was specified.
17INVALID_SESSION_TOKEN_KEYInvalid sessionToken was used.
19SESSION_TOKEN_EXPIRED_KEYThe sessionToken has expired.
20NO_SIGNATURENo signature was specified.
25WRONG_SIGNATUREThe signature doesn't match the request parameters.
30MISSING_PARAMETERParameter {0} is required but is missing.
32EMPTY_PARAMETERParameter {0} cannot be empty.
35INVALID_PARAMETERParameter value is not valid.
50THEME_NOT_FOUNDThe theme you are using was not defined: {0}
60ILLEGAL_COMMAND_NAMEIllegal command name: {0}
70ILLEGAL_STATE_FOR_COMMANDIllegal state for command, your current state is ''{0}''. Please refer to the documentation regarding how to get to the correct state.
80DATE_MALFORMATDates should use the form mm/dd/yyyy (e.g. 03/24/2008)
83DATE_COMPONENT_OUT_OF_RANGEThe {0} component is out of range in the entered date: ''{1}''
85FUTURE_DATEThe entered date occurs in the future: ''{0}''
Registration Errors
200CLIENT_ALREADY_EXISTSYou are trying to register a client that already exists.
210CLIENT_DOES_NOT_EXISTThe client does not exist.
System Errors
1000SYSTEM_ERRORSystem Error occured with id: {0}
AddComment Errors
1100COMMENT_ID_EXISTSCommentId ''{0}'' is already in use in the project named ''{1}''
AddPhoto Errors
1200PHOTO_ID_EXISTSPhotoId ''{0}'' is already in use in the project named ''{1}''
Set Dedication Errors
1400DEDICATION_TOO_LONGDedication text cannot be longer than {0} characters.