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"... SharedBook lets users pull content from multiple third-party sources, mix it up however they choose and output it into a personalized book. The possibilities are endless..."
- Chris Shipley, Executive Producer, DEMO 07


SharedBook's on-demand, reverse publishing platform allows users to extract data and content from multiple sources, manipulate it, then distribute their unique new creation online or off.

SharedBook specializes in integrating and publishing data from various sources into a shared space. The data can be retrieved from a feed (synchronously or asynchronously), or pushed.

One of the unique aspects of this data integration involves mapping the data into a rich data model that allows flexibility for clients, partners and users to collaboratively manipulate the data in a client-supplied environment. SharedBook's patent pending collaboration technology enables users to create a personalized book, combining photos and stories with community photos and stories interwoven with the client's supplied content and other third party content, as appropriate.

Unique to others in the space, customers of SharedBook can use a standard Web browser (with code created in HTML, AJAX, and other standard Web technologies) to view content in a sophisticated way, without the need for specialized downloads, plug-ins or add-ons.

SharedBook's technology allows individuals to create their own books by incorporating their original content along with other users' annotations, photos, etc., within a rich set of customized templates that can be dynamically printed or incorporated using a flipbook widget in online, viral efforts.

All of this is achieved through a specialized content server responsible for storing content and annotations, as well as the consumer's content and various algorithms that are used to maintain the synchronization of the annotations and the content.

SharedBook's partner data integration is accomplished by a generic partner-adapter component which is an integral part of the content server. The generic adapter is used to receive a partner data feed containing content for an initial book. The technology enables consumers to seamlessly create a customized SharedBook book directly from the partner site. In addition to the generic partner-adapter, specific adapters can be easily introduced to enable introduction of partner-specific content: text, photos and any structured database information can be used to create a pre-populated, printed product or a book making space on one of SharedBook's generic book Web sites.

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