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Q: What is required to participate? How do we enter?

A: This contest must be legal in your state or country. To enter this contest, please email a summary of your project to openapi@sharedbook.com

Q: Do we need to submit a full solution or is a working demo enough?

A: A working demo is enough, but we would like to see that it works and test it out if possible.

Q: Will the challenge criteria be based on the use of the API and how it is implemented or on the project as a whole?

A: We will look at the project as a whole.

Q: Where can I find more information about the API?

A: Go to http://www.sharedbook.com/dev.

Q: Will I receive revenue from the books SharedBook prints from my application?

A: Yes, the winners in each category will receive a 20 percent share of any books sold from their development efforts. In addition, any developers that participate in the SharedBook Open API Challenge are eligible to receive a 10 percent share of any book proceeds that result from their contest entry.

Q: Are there any examples of code that demonstrates what you are looking for?

A: Yes. See our examples page at www.sharedbook.com/dev/examples.html.

Q: Is there someone I can contact directly if I have any questions?

A: Yes, please contact Caroline Vanderlip for specific API Challenge inquiries.

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