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Extensions can be built to connect any Web site with content that could be useful in printed book format to SharedBook. This information could include branded content, statistical information and/or user-generated content, for example, which can be found on gardening, online dating, real estate, sports, travel and weight loss sites, among others.


Prizes will be awarded to the best project in each of the following three categories:

  1. Connecting SharedBook to a social networking site
    Possible examples: Appleseed, Del.icio.us, Elgg, Facebook, Second Life, etc.
  2. Connecting SharedBook to a photo sharing site
    Possible examples: Facebook Photos, Flickr, Fotki, Photobucket, etc.
  3. Connecting SharedBook to a desktop app or collaborative online community
    Possible examples: Firefox, iPhoto, OpenOffice.org, Picasa, Scribus, or Drupal, Project Gutenberg, Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikipages, etc.

We expect projects will be extensions to third party applications that help flow their photos, text or other content into SharedBook book making spaces. Projects can be installed as plugins to existing online applications or implemented as standalone Web apps. We don't want to curtail your imagination, so don't think of any of these suggestions as a constraint!


The winners in each category will receive a 20 percent share of any books sold from their development efforts as well as their choice of either an OpenMoko mobile phone, an 8GB iPhone™, or $500 cold hard cash. Additionally, winners will benefit from the following promotional activities:

  • Marketing and promotion of winning projects to the press
  • Listing and description of winning projects on SharedBook.com

In addition, any developers that participate in the SharedBook Open API Challenge are eligible to receive a 10 percent share of any book proceeds that result from their contest entry.

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